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Car Radio Pros specializes is car cd player units. We are proud to offer the best warranty for the best car cd player products in the industry. All of our car cd player products come with a full one year unlimited miles warranty. We are confident you will not have to use it. In case of a defective car cd player part, we pay for shipping both ways - sending you a replacement and getting the defective back.

The inventory is full of various car cd player parts such as car cd player, car cd changer, in dash cd changer, trunk mounted cd changer, glovebox mounted cd changer, car navigation system, car navigation screen, etc. Furthermore, every single car cd player part we sell is OE, original equipment. The car cd player part you buy is the exact same one the factory installed. We do not sell any aftermarket upgrades, strictly stock, factory car cd players. Have a closer look:

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Subaru Tribeca Car Radio

The name Subaru is synonymous with all wheel drive.  Subaru is the only car manufacturer who equips all of their cars with an all wheel drive system standard.  And Subaru's all wheel drive isn't just some run of the mill system.  It has won many awards and accolades.  The Subaru Forester, for instance, is one of Subaru's original models.  It is always in the top Sports Utility Vehicles of the year discussions.  The owners of a Forester are some of the most satisfied and are statistically most likely to purchase another Forester.   It is no wonder why Subaru was only one of two car companies (Hyundai is the other) to not only be uneffected by the 2008-2009 recession but to gain market share as well.

Subaru is owned by Fuji Heavy Industries which is a Japanese Conglomerate specializing in transportation equipment.  Interestingly, Toyota who is techincally Subaru's neighbor and competitor, owns 16.5% of Fuji Heavy Industries.  Subaru impressed everyone in the auto industry when they introduced the first horizontally opposed, water cooled, common rail, diesel engine boosted by a turbocharger.  No one in automotive history has made a diesel turbo powered boxer engine and brought it to the mainstream.  It is appropriate for Subaru to reach this milestone because Subaru is one of only two automobile manufacturers (the other is Porsche) making horizontally opposed "boxer" engines.  Boxer engines have a natural low center of gravity which tremendously aides in handling.  It should come as no surprise that Subaru dominates the rally car circuits while Porsche has won more than 28,000 races worldwide.  Subaru's critically acclaimed all wheel drive system might also have something to do with the rally car victories. 

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