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Car Radio Pros specializes is car cd player units. We are proud to offer the best warranty for the best car cd player products in the industry. All of our car cd player products come with a full one year unlimited miles warranty. We are confident you will not have to use it. In case of a defective car cd player part, we pay for shipping both ways - sending you a replacement and getting the defective back.

The inventory is full of various car cd player parts such as car cd player, car cd changer, in dash cd changer, trunk mounted cd changer, glovebox mounted cd changer, car navigation system, car navigation screen, etc. Furthermore, every single car cd player part we sell is OE, original equipment. The car cd player part you buy is the exact same one the factory installed. We do not sell any aftermarket upgrades, strictly stock, factory car cd players. Have a closer look:

Plymouth Breeze Car Radio
Plymouth Neon Car Radio
Plymouth Voyager Car Radio
Plymouth Grand Voyager Car Radio
Plymouth Prowler Car Radio

Plymouth is an extinct car brand owned by Chrysler.  Chrysler, from the very beginning, was a premium/luxury brand - meaning it offered many standard features not available in entry level vehicles.  However, Chevrolet and Ford dominated the entry level car buyer market and Chrysler wanted a piece of the market.  Unfortunately, Chrysler did not have any products to compete in the same price ranges.  Plymouth was Chrysler's player in the entry level car market.  Although Plymouth was set to directly complete with Chevy and Ford, Plymouth models exhibited Chryler's luxury DNA.  Plymouth models offered standard equipment which was either unavailable or would require the buyer to jump ship to Cadillac or Lincoln.    Items such as internal expanding hydraulic brakes easily justfied the slight price premium of a Plymouth over the competition. 

Plymouth evolved into a recognizable car brand all the way through the 2001.  Plymouth's late years were not easy.  The brand which was once a pioneer in technology and offered its products at an affordable price no long existed.  The Chrysler luxury DNA could not be found in the Plymouths of the 1990s.  In fact, one could not tell the difference between a Dodge Caravan and a Plymouth Voyager if the badges were removed.  The Prowler being the glowing exception, the lack of unique models forced Plymouth into extinction. 

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